By playing the LFC Lotto you will be contributing to our wonderful Military Veterans and adult health programmes, re-engaging military service men and women back into civilian life through the power of football.

The pot is split equally between the LFC Foundation and a jackpot winner!!

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Palace Draw 23/05/2021

Cash Jackpot: CRY-2043074

Signed Klopp Shirt: CRY-1511356

Southampton Draw 08/05/2021

Cash Jackpot: SOU-1734735

Signed Firmino Shirt: SOU-2227632

Newcastle Draw 24/04/2021

Cash Jackpot: NEW-1547160

Signed Oxlade-Chamberlain Shirt: NEW-2673187

Real Madrid Draw 14/04/2021

Cash Jackpot: MAD-1062116

Signed Robertson LFC Shirt: MAD-1980446

Aston Villa Draw 10/04/2021

Cash Jackpot: AST-1446678

Signed Thiago LFC Shirt: AST-2414613

RB Leipzig Draw 10/03/2021

Cash Jackpot: RBL-1445176

Signed Fabinho LFC Shirt: RBL-1972578

Fulham Draw 07/03/2021

Cash Jackpot: FUL-1711977

Signed Roberston LFC Shirt: FUL-1411191

Chelsea Draw 04/03/2021

Cash Jackpot: CHE-2475467

Signed Milner LFC Shirt: CHE-2801488

Everton Draw 20/02/2021

Cash Jackpot: EVE-2964768

Signed van Dijk LFC Shirt: EVE-1902636

Man City Draw 07/02/2021

Cash Jackpot: BRI-1820247

Signed Wijnaldum LFC Shirt: BRI-1759853

Brighton Draw 03/02/2021

Cash Jackpot: BRI-1620268

Signed Oxlade-Chamberlain LFC Shirt: BRI-2397991

Burnley Draw 21/01/2021

Cash Jackpot: BUR-1204916

Signed Firmino LFC Shirt: BUR-1591856

Man Utd Draw 17/01/2021

Cash Jackpot: MNU-2707867

Signed Milner LFC Shirt: MNU-1405379

West Brom Draw 27/12/2020

Cash Jackpot: WBA-1632132

Signed Klopp LFC Shirt: WBA-1902488

Spurs Draw 16/12/2020

Cash Jackpot: TOT-2396569

Signed Henderson Shirt: TOT-1798954

Wolves Draw 01/12/2020

Cash Jackpot: WOL-2263859

Signed Fabinho Shirt: WOL-2427236

Ajax Draw 01/12/2020

Cash Jackpot: AJA-2722828

Signed Origi Shirt: AJA-2942304

Atalanta Draw 25/11/2020

Cash Jackpot: ATA-2012786

Signed Wijnaldum Shirt: ATA-2919903

Leicester Draw 22/11/2020

Cash Jackpot: LEI-2088617

Signed Robertson Shirt: LEI-1748355

FLASH DRAW 08/10/2020

Klopp Cap: LEI-1267877

West Ham Draw 31/10/2020

Cash Jackpot: WES-2924703

Signed Thiago Shirt: WES-1841003

Midtjylland Draw 27/10/2020

Cash Jackpot: MID-1395850

Signed Firmino Shirt: MID-2166811

Sheff Utd Draw 24/10/2020

Cash Jackpot: SHE-2213799

Signed Klopp Shirt: SHE-2058188

Arsenal EFL Draw 01/10/2020

Cash Jackpot: ARC-1992783

Signed Firmino Shirt: ARC-2526946

Arsenal Draw 28/09/2020

Cash Jackpot: ARS-1149972

Signed van Dijk Shirt: ARS-2497272

Leeds United Draw 12/09/2020

Cash Jackpot: LEE-1066200

Signed Henderson Shirt: LEE-1667801

Henderson Signed Shirt Draw 25/07/2020

Cash Jackpot: HND-1170616

Signed Henderson Shirt: HND-1818820

Signed Klopp Mug: HND-1596537

Champions Superdraw 18/07/2020

Cash Jackpot: CHA-1578220

Signed Klopp Bundle: CHA-2414554

Signed LFC Home Shirt: CHA-1475112

Signed Salah Photograph: CHA-2206588

Signed Firmino Photograph: CHA-1281394

Signed LFC Football: CHA-1944806

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who you help

Being part of Liverpool Football Club means being part of the greatest football family in the world. We look out for each other, and particularly those who are in need. LFC Foundation is the official charity of Liverpool Football Club.

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